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The BarNone Burger

12 oz Fresh, House-Ground Texas Wagyu Beef, Grilled to Order with Chef Mike’s Signature Garlic/Herb Butter on a Brioche Bun; Customize It to Your Liking

The Gigaton

Large Italian Loaf Stuffed with Sunday Gravy (Meatballs and Sausage), Provolone and Romano

Sunday Gravy and Rigatoni

with Whipped Herb Ricotta

interior photo of BarNone


BarNone is open 6 days a week. Come on in, make yourself at home and stay awhile. Everyone is welcome.

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cocktails available at Barnone


We’re East Dallas’ favorite gathering place, raising the bar a little too far in the neighborhood we love. We’re serving up good times, good food and cold drinks to everyone.

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BarNone is the culmination of our love for East Dallas. A neighborhood that’s inviting, inclusive and always ready to have a good time. We’re very proud of our little corner of the city, and we take great pride in spreading that welcoming spirit with our own brand of East Dallas hospitality. With that, we’re pleased to shine the spotlight on local events and some of our friendly neighbors doing great things in our community.

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